Indoor Air Quality

Research shows that poor INDOOR AIR QUALITY can be very hazardous for your health.

Trane CleanEffects

It’s time to expect more from your heating and cooling system. Backed by over 90 years of industry-leading innovation, engineering and manufacturing excellence, TRANE uses superior, patented technology that removes more airborne allergens from the filtered air in your home than any other air cleaning system. It even captures airborne viruses including H1N1 and other flu viruses! It’s called TRANE CleanEffects and it’s available only from TRANE.

Enjoy up to 99.98% cleaner air

How does TRANE CleanEffects stack up against other air cleaners? TRANE CleanEffects utilizes patented breakthrough air cleaning technology to remove up to an astounding 99.98% of airborne allergens from the air that passes through the filter, making it 8 times more effective than even the best HEPA filters and 100 times more effective than a standard 1″ filter or iconic-type room appliance. What’s more, TRANE CleanEffects has been performance- tested by LMS Technologies and Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc, with the results verified by professors from the Harvard School of Public Health, so you know you’re getting an expert air-filtration system like no other. LMS Technologies is a technology consulting company that specializes in air flow measurement, filtration testing and particle analysis. Environmental Health & Engineering is an environmental consulting and engineering services company that is dedicated to ensuring safe and productive environments, and is co-founded by Dr. John D. Spengler, PhD of the Department of Environmental Health at Harvard.

Not even the tiniest allergens can escape

New TRANE CleanEffects is so effective that it traps allergens down to .3 microns, so small that about 2,000,000 particles could fit on the period at the end of this sentence. That’s the size at which allergens cause the most irritation because your nose, mouth and throat cannot filter them and they get trapped deep in your lungs. Furthermore, if you install TRANE CleanEffects into a system that features a variable-speed fan motor, you’ll be able to kill dust mites by keeping the air at below 50% relative humidity, which helps make your home even more allergen free.

Type of Air Cleaner Clean Air Delivery Rate
TRANE CleanEffects 1200
Whole-House Electronic Air Cleaner 660
Whole-House 5″ Media 240
Typical Room Hepa Appliance 150
Standard 1″ Filter 12
Typical Ionic-type Appliance 10


We now offer Steam Humidifiers which can control your furnace fan’s operation to give a much more consistent humidity level in your home.

Humidifier Benefits

  • Maintains indoor relative humidity at a comfortable level
  • Helps avoid dry conditions which may aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms
  • Reduces static electricity in carpets
  • Helps avoid damage from dry air to your furniture, woodwork, paintings and musical instruments
  • Reduces shrinkage of wood floors and woodwork
  • Cold winter air feels warmer at lower temperature levels
  • Whole-house humidification, no portable appliances are needed


Zone Control

Integrated Zone Systems are composed of an outdoor air conditioner or heat pump, an indoor furnace or air handler, a system controller, zone comfort sensors and a modulating damper for each zone. For a better idea of how zoning works, take a look at the illustration below.

  • Zone 1: Kitchen and breakfast room
  • Zone 2: Living room, dining room, family room
  • Zone 3: Master suite
  • Zone 4: Children’s bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Zone 5: Basement/Bonus room

As you can see, each zone has its own comfort sensor, which acts as an individual thermostat. These sensors relay information to the system controller. The system controller activates the home comfort system, and the modulating dampers in the ductwork, sending the right amount of conditioned air to the zones where it is needed. With an Integrated Zone System from Trane, you can program your home’s environment, zone by zone by zone. Imagine – a home comfort system so smart it will think for you. Imagine an Integrated Zone System from Trane.

UV Light Antibacterial Air Treatment

Germicidal UV Lamps Keep Coils Free of Mold, Bacteria

UV Lamps from Carrier zap the mold and bacteria that can sometimes grow in the moist environment of your air conditioning or indoor coils. This way, unhealthy pollutants are killed and won’t circulate through your family’s home.


Programmable Digital Thermostat

Designed with common sense features, our programmable digital thermostats are easy to use.  Programmable thermostats will save you 20% to 30% of your Air Conditioning operating cost.