AC Repair –Few things are as annoying—or uncomfortable—as an air-conditioning system that’s not working properly. When that happens to you, you can rely on AGAPE Air Conditioning & Heating to correctly diagnose and repair your system. We service all brands of equipment in both residential and commercial buildings. Honesty and Integrity is our policy.

10 Year Labor Contracts Available – covers all labor for all repairs for 10 years.

Yearly Labor Contracts – Covers all labor for yearly repairs.

Seasonal Checkups – Chemically cleaning, drain cleaning, topping off of refrigerant charge, and general checkups/labor & material costs.

Complete Duct Cleaning – Removal of all grills.  Cleaning of all ductwork.  Sanitizing your Air Conditioning System.  Cleaning and/or replacement of all registers.  Includes removal of mold and bacteria from Duct System.